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What Australia Day Means to Australians

Last week on January 26, Aussies all around the country celebrated Australia Day. Every country has a national day where they celebrate the day their nation became a country. In my last post, I explored the history of the discovery and formation of Australia. We didn’t officially become a ‘country’ on January 26. On this day, we merely (simply, only) celebrate

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A History of Australia

The country we call Australia is very young, with our European roots coming from Great Britain. However a lot happened before the British declared the federation of Australia. Here is some history of how Australia was discovered and founded: Why is it called Australia? In 200AD, a Greek map maker theorised that the world was in fact not flat, and that there had to be

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Frequently Asked Questions About Australia

On January 26, we celebrate a national holiday called Australia Day. This is a day where we all come together during the summer and celebrate everything that makes our country great. You can think of is as an Australian Thanksgiving. In recognition of Australia Day this year, my posts over the next couple of weeks will have an Aussie theme. I hope

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