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Do vs. Make

When I started learning Spanish, I realised that there is only one word for these two verbs in English: ‘hacer’. It made me understand more easily why some English learners get these two verbs confused. Here is my tip to remember when to use which: Do Do is used for taking action to achieve something. To participate in intangible activities,

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Speak vs. Talk

The two words ‘speak’ and ‘talk’ are synonyms and can very often used interchangeably. However there are some grammatical structures where only one of the two can be used. Let’s explore these today: The first thing to remember: Speak is often used in a more formal setting.  For example, in a work environment: “I would like to make an appointment

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Wanna, Gonna, Gotta and More

Have you ever heard someone say the words ‘wanna‘, ‘gonna‘ or ‘dunno‘? These are informal contractions or abbreviations that shorten the full words, which have formed in the English language over time during faster conversation. When you watch movies and listen to music, especially from the United States, you will often hear contractions like these. Here are some common examples:

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