Hi! I’m Alicia, and I’m an Australian writer who has a great passion for the English language.

I have a degree in communications with specialisations in Marketing and Public Relations. I have worked in many industries and businesses across Australia for over 10 years, covering content writing, marketing communications, publicity, and managing a marketing department. In this time I have learnt that the most useful skill in the world is the ability to communicate well.

I love teaching, but I know that there are just some things that you can’t learn from a book or a classroom.

I started learning Spanish in April 2016 and I began to understand some of the complexities of the English language for new learners. I started teaching and correcting people, and decided to start a blog so I can share this knowledge with the world.

Cookie Monsters: Our Community

I want this blog to be what YOU want to read about. I wish to create a community of English learners to suggest posts, share their experiences and help others. Comment on my posts or send me a message with what you are having trouble with or what you wish to read about!

Please sign up for my newsletter and share the link with other English learners.

Thanks for your support!

The Cookie Chef


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