G’day! I’m Alicia, and I’m so glad you’ve found my site!

I’m an Australian woman who has a great passion for both the English and Spanish languages. I was born in Sydney, Australia and I grew up with my family on the Gold Coast. I graduated from university in Darwin and moved to Melbourne in 2012, where I currently live and love.

My Career

I have a degree in communications and I have worked for over 10 years in Marketing and Publicity. I have learnt to communicate in a wide variety of English contexts, from academic to journalistic, to advertising, content writing and creative storytelling. In my years as a professional writer, do you know the most valuable thing I learnt? The most useful skill you will ever have is THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE.

English Teaching to Spanish Speakers


I started learning Spanish in April 2016 for fun, and I fell in love with learning! Since then, I have made so many Spanish speaking friends online and here in my city as I searched for opportunities to practice.  Throughout my language exchanges, I began to understand how hard the English language must be for Spanish speakers. I have the same problems – in reverse!

That’s why I started this website.

What You Will Find Here

  • Common ‘Spanglish’ errors that Spanish speakers make when they try to translate directly into English
  • Phrasal verbs and ways to remember them – I know this is a big problem for many people!
  • Cool expressions and idioms to make you sound really fluent
  • Cultural stories and explanations – I’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Australia
  • Aussie slang – one of the hardest things for people to get used to when they come here!
  • Lots more stuff that you won’t read in a textbook or hear in class!

Follow and connect with me

I want to hear from you! What English concept do you have problems with? Do you need me to explain a grammatical term for you? Connect with my social media pages for answers!




Here I’ll post interesting articles and pictures to help you. Comment on anything you find helpful.




Tag me in a tweet using @wonderswalicia and ask me any English questions you have.

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See you online!



  • Hi my australian friend! Jeshus!! I thought I was wrong when I saw your profile picture with dark hair.😂
    Congratulations for your website. It’s fantastic.

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