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What Australia Day Means to Australians

Last week on January 26, Aussies all around the country celebrated Australia Day. Every country has a national day where they celebrate the day their nation became a country. In my last post, I explored the history of the discovery and formation of Australia. We didn’t officially become a ‘country’ on January 26. On this day, we merely (simply, only) celebrate

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A History of Australia

The country we call Australia is very young, with our European roots coming from Great Britain. However a lot happened before the British declared the federation of Australia. Here is some history of how Australia was discovered and founded: Why is it called Australia? In 200AD, a Greek map maker theorised that the world was in fact not flat, and that there had to be

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Aussie Slang: Diminutives ending in ‘ie’

A lot of people find it difficult to understand Australians when they speak. However it’s not necessarily the accent. Australia has almost a full vocabulary of slang. Here’s the secret: the majority of our slang words are shortened words or ‘diminutives’. If you want to sound like a “true blue” (slang for “real”) Aussie, try to master these words below. They are really commonly

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