Bored vs. Boring – Don’t Make This Mistake!

I was at a party one night and my Colombian friend was bored. There was no dancing! He was sitting quietly in the corner.

The Australian host of the party asked his Mexican girlfriend what was wrong. Here’s how the conversation went:

Aussie: “Hey, what’s wrong with your friend?”
Mexican: “He’s boring.”
Aussie: “Well, if you don’t like him, I’ll ask him to leave.”

Oops…this conversation could have ended badly if I didn’t step in (phrasal verb) and explain the difference between bored and boring.

BORED – describes how you are feeling right now (in Spanish – “Estoy aburrido”)

BORING – describes your personality (in Spanish – “Soy aburrido”)

I hope this will avoid misunderstandings like the one above!


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