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Where Does English Come From?

Recently I posted a blog about English pronunciation which outlines how many different vowel sounds there are in English – nineteen. NINETEEN! 19!! No wonder you find it difficult. So here is an article that explains why. I am studying English teaching, and the first unit is about the history of the English language. I was asked to write a brief

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Grammar: Adjectives vs. Adverbs

I often see people writing sentences like this: “I was running very quick to the park.” This is a common error that can bee avoided by explaining the difference between adjectives and adverbs, and when to use them. Adjectives These are words that describe nouns or things. e.g. “He is a slow eater.” (I am describing HIM, the person is a noun.) e.g.

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Phrasal Verbs: BACK

Everyone tells me that they have trouble learning phrasal verbs. In my first post about phrasal verbs, I mentioned that you need to learn the expressions as a whole, and try to think of stories or pictures to go with them. Therefore I will start creating regular posts with a few phrasal verbs with a common word and an image to

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