English Pronunciation Tips for Spanish Speakers

One of the hardest things for Spanish speakers to get when learning English is the pronunciation. You can be a master of grammar and know a mountain of great vocabulary, but the different accents and ways to say each sound are what often confuses people the most.

Today’s cookie is not created by me, but rather by an American YouTuber SuperHolly who speaks amazing Spanish. In this video, Holly outlines the biggest differences between English and Spanish pronunciation.

When people ask me how to improve their pronunciation, much of what I tell them is covered in this video. For beginners, this video is in Spanish, so it will be easy to understand.

Holly is from the United States so her accent may be different to the way you wish to speak, however she gives a fairly general overview of neutral pronunciation.

If you start to practise these new sounds every day, I promise your speaking will improve ‘un montón!’

The Cookie Chef

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