Site Redesign and Relaunch: Introducing…’Wonders with Alicia’

G’day everyone (g’day is Australian slang for “good day”).

I have big news. I have decided to redesign my English Blog, Breakfast Cookie, into a completely new brand. I’m excited to introduce you to:


I spent several weeks thinking and planning who and what I wanted this site to be for. I realised that there are plenty of English teaching blogs online, but I need to focus on the differences with mine:

It’s Australian

The majority of English blogs online are from the USA or UK. However I know of lots of people who want to travel to Australia, and when they arrive here, they are totally unprepared for our accents and different vocabulary! So here I will teach unique Australian slang, accent tips and cultural stories about my wonderful country.

I can relate to Spanish speakers

Being a Spanish learner, I can understand some of the common errors that Spanish speakers make when they try to translate directly from Spanish to English. I know this, because I make the same mistakes, but in reverse! I want to offer English tips with a slight twist that explains things from the perspective of a Spanish speaker.

Therefore I have decided to focus this website towards native Spanish speakers who are learning English. For English learners who speak other languages, don’t run away! I will still be writing articles that will help you with your English! Most of my articles will still be relevant and helpful, especially to those who speak other romantic languages.

Follow my travels

Next year in March, I embark on a massive journey across the world, starting in Spain and then heading over to Latin America. I will drink sangria in Madrid, scuba dive in Cozumel, dance salsa in Cali, climb mountains in Cuzco, learn Chilean slang in Santiago and eat asado in Buenos Aires. I’ll meet some of my Spanish/English language exchange partners in each city, and I have no doubt that I will have a tonne of interesting adventures and funny language misunderstandings! So please follow my journey! The countdown begins soon…

Follow and connect with me

I want to hear from you! What English concept do you have problems with? Do you need me to explain a grammatical term for you? Connect with my social media pages for answers!



Here I’ll post interesting articles and pictures to help you. Comment on anything you find helpful.



Tag me in a tweet using @wonderswalicia and ask me any English questions you have. I will reply!

insta iconInstagram

Follow my travels and my life here in Australia. When I travel overseas you can follow my entire trip to Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Finally, please share this website with all Spanish speakers you know who are learning English. This website won’t work without your support and sharing.

See you online!


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