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Time: Greetings throughout the day

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, readers! Today’s English snack is small, but important. A lot of English learners get this wrong, and it’s easy to get confused. When is it considered morning, afternoon, evening and night? How do you great people depending on the hour of the day? Well, I’ve designed up a little graphics to help explain

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Greetings: Goodnight & Good Evening

You all know the basic English greetings “Hello“, “Good morning” and “Good afternoon“. However, what do you say at night? If you said, “Goodnight”, you would be wrong. We say “Goodnight” when we are leaving or going to bed. Note: The greeting is spelt with one word.  The expression “Good night” means something different – it is an adjective + noun (buena noche

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Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas is finally here, and although we will all be spending time with our families, it’s important to spend just a few minutes of each day practising your English to stay in the habit.

To keep in the spirit of the festive season, I have listed some common vocabulary that you will hear in English Christmas conversations.

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Aussie Slang: Introduction

One of the biggest requests I get from people is to teach them some Aussie slang. The Australian accent takes a while to get used to, but the more difficult thing is to understand is the different vocabulary that we have down here. In less than 200 years, our ancestors from the bush have somehow shortened traditional English into a collection

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