Time: Greetings throughout the day

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, readers!

Today’s English snack is small, but important. A lot of English learners get this wrong, and it’s easy to get confused.

When is it considered morning, afternoon, evening and night? How do you great people depending on the hour of the day?

Well, I’ve designed up a little graphics to help explain it visually:

Telling the time with greetings.png

AM or PM?

For those people who get confused between ‘am’ and ‘pm’:

AM – from the Latin term: ante meridiem, meaning before midday (from 12 midnight until 11:59 in the morning)

PM – from the Latin term: post meridiem, meaning after midday (from 12 midday or ‘noon’ until 11:59 in the evening).

Good day all!


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