Conversation Ideas: Pet Hates

Sometimes when I’m practising Spanish, I don’t want to talk about the same things all the time, so I try to ask interesting and different questions to get to know people better.

One of the most interesting things I like find out about new people I meet are the little things in their everyday lives that annoy them. We call them ‘pet hates’. Why do we call them that? Because they are little things in our everyday lives that we ‘love to hate’.

These are different to #FirstWorldProblems, on which I will do a post ‘down the track’ (Sometime in the future).

When you see something coloured in blue, this is an expression or idiom that is commonly used.

People’s pet hates can be quite funny,! Try asking your language partners what their pet hates are. I’ll give you some examples of mine:

  • Drivers who don’t indicate when changing lanes
  • People who walk too slowly at the shopping centre (Australian word for plaza/mall)
  • Cuando mi compañero de casa/piso pone su plato sucio sobre el lavaplatos vacío (¡Por si encuentra esto!)

Okay, I’ve succeeded in pissing myself off by thinking about all these things that I hate!

I’m done for the night!

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The Cookie Chef


  • people talking in the cinema piss me off

  • Bravo! I love your post, my lovely Alicia:)

  • I hate when I go to the bathroom and I find the toilet’s top gotten up also I hate when I am tired , want to sleep and there is a party in the bur down street with high music.

  • I hate when people say: “like I say,….”. And then add something that everybody say. I don’t know if it happens in English but I hear it quite often in Spanish. Let me give you an example:

    – Like I say, better late than never.
    (Como yo digo, más vale tarde que nunca).

    Well, you and other 300.000 million of people say that expression!

    • Tomas, why do you hate this? It makes sense to say “like I say” if this is something you say commonly.
      It only annoys me if someone says “Like I say, better late than never” and I’ve never heard them say it before!

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