My Jar of Moments

When 2016 ended, we all partied hard, but I have another tradition on New Years Eve that is very personal to me.

Throughout the year at the end of every day, I write down a moment that has brightened my day. I have realised how important it is to go to sleep with positive thoughts in your mind instead of the negativity and worries we have.

The smallest moments are those that we won’t remember in our old age. We should always remember that there is good in every day, especially on the bad days. It wasn’t easy on the day I lost my job to think of something good, but when it was time to write that moment, I remembered the one hour conversation I had with a language practise partner where we listened and danced (me: definitely half drunk) to our favourite Latino music. Our days are what we make them. History is only what is written.

Three days ago at the end of the year, I opened the jar, read each moment and shared them with the people who were involved. Many of the moments involved learning Spanish or teaching English. Languages really do enrich our lives!

Here are some of my moments from the year:

  • My practise partner from Spain serenading me on the piano with The Volcano song from the movie Inside Out.
  • My friend ordering his burger without tomato, just in case I wanted a bite (I’m allergic to tomato).
  • Dancing all night with my girl friends, not needing any boys to make us happy!
  • Learning my first Spanish words (Of course, they were an insult: “No me rompas las pelotas!”

I am so grateful to these small moments for making my year amazing!

Use this theme as a conversation idea: What are some of your favourite small moments from the past year?


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