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Grammar: Reflexive Pronouns

In Spanish, I have learnt about reflexive verbs. Well, in English, there is only one thing that can be reflexive: pronouns.  When you are referring to yourself or doing something for yourself, you must use a reflexive pronouns. This rule applies to any subject: You, me, them, we, etc. Here is the list: Subject Pronouns Reflexive Pronouns I Myself You Yourself He Himself She

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Common Spanglish Mistakes: Part 2

Your cookie for today is a group of a few more common Spanish-English errors. These little errors are easy to make but easy to fix, too. WRONG ✗ RIGHT ✓ “I’m doctor/I’m actor” “I’m A doctor/I’m AN actor” “You have a reason” “You have a point” “We are eight (people)” “There are eight of us” “I’m going to the work” “I’m going to

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